Knowledge Enhancement Program (KEP)

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You need new knowledge, skills and insights to achieve your goals and sustain your competitive advantage. SQA Labs's executive program, known as Knowledge Enhancement Program (KEP), provides the edge you need to stay ahead in today's dynamic global marketplace.

Are you facing increasing global competition and fast-paced change regardless of your education or career path?

  • SQA Labs offers cutting edge knowledge enhancement and learning opportunities in software engineering practices.
  • We also offer the worlds best businesses an extensive array of global software engineering opportunities, services and resources.
  • We routinely deliver creative, global, innovative, specifically tailored and cost-effective business solutions to clients who range from global multinationals to leading regional organizations, in almost every industry and regional market in theworld.
Resources & Services

In addition to its extensive software and materials library, SQA Labs provides various resources and services from around the world to its students, staff and faculty. Career planning and coaching, along with other services, are available to help you on your international career path.

  • Individualized instruction, with limited students per class
  • Extensive software library
  • CBT library
  • Video based training library
  • Textbooks and training materials developed to meet the needs of the course participants
  • High end computer equipment and computer software
  • 24/7 access to all facilities
  • Advance career planning & preparation
  • KEP open for : OPT | CPT | H1B Regular | H1B Transfer | TN | E3 | GC | Citizens
How it Works

"Real-world Knowledge Enhancement with real-value"

We've developed our Knowledge Enhancement Program by combining real-world methodology with lessons learned over years of hands-on practice and research. KEP materials are revised on an on-going basis to reflect the latest technologies, development methods, and testing techniques that we discover through our involvement with software testing and development organizations.

Because SQA Lab's KEP is dedicated to professionals such as you,our education offers unsurpassed convenience, efficiency, and value. You'll learn from industry leaders who average 10-16 years of practical experience. In addition to holding a master's or doctoral degree, your instructors hold high level positions within the fields they teach. As a result, they are equally adept at discussing the latest and the most recent industry practices.


We develop high-potential individuals to serve the advanced software engineering,
QA and software management needs of our clients.

Our KEP group sizes are purposely kept small to encourage active participation and lively discussions. This enables us to leverage the combined experience of the whole class to cover more ground in less time. KEP modules are systematically organized to enhance your knowledge one at a time, so you can more fully explore each subject. And, each course builds upon previous courses to provide a context for better understanding.

KEP materials are revised on an on-going basis to reflect the latest technologies, development methods, and testing techniques that we discover through our involvement with software testing anddevelopment organizations.

The learning teams are organized to replicate the typical work environment. So, while you're learning the latest theories and techniques, you're also perfecting your skills at management, communications, and leadership - the type of skills that lead to success in today's business world.

Above all else, the KEP is focused on your career success. For this reason, our programs are continually updated to include the skills and expertise that are in high demand. In addition, projects are assigned that can be made applicable to your expected job.


To aggressively consolidate and confirm our position as the world's premier software engineering and quality assurance service provider and a leading source of Software Engineering professionals /talent and information for global organizations.

The success of the software quality assurance function within your organization is dependent not only on what automation technology you choose to implement, but also on how that technology is implemented.

Reach SQA Labs Independent Verification & Validation Center solutions team to provide you with all the reliability you need to launch your product with confidence.
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