Internet of Things

"Internet of Things is all about Accuracy & Standardization -
Testing needs to be apt & needs to ensure compliance "

-SQA Labs
The Internet of Things

With sensors embedded everywhere, the world is becoming increasingly connected. From toothbrushes and thermostats, to security systems, appliances and other emerging connected devices, the app ecosystem is moving beyond computers, tablets and smartphones to just about every connected device you can imagine.

Users don't care about why your app failed in the connected chain. As users become increasingly accustomed to connected devices and the Internet of Things, they'll expect the new technology and apps to work flawlessly from the start. The companies that focus on quality will ultimately be the brands that win.

Testing the New World

As sensors increasingly connect physical hardware with applications, old testing approaches must be revisited. The Internet of Things is about reporting data in real time, allowing users to make quicker, more informed decisions. It's impossible to recreate the real life scenarios connected devices will face when you're stuck in a lab.

To ensure your devices and apps stand up to real world situations and maintain their high level of quality no matter what they're put through, you need to move a portion of your testing out of the lab and into the wild with the poor connectivity and less-than-stellar conditions found in the the real world.

The Internet of Things continues to affirm its important position in the context of Information and Communication Technologies and the development of society. Whereas concepts and basic foundations have been elaborated and reached maturity, further efforts are necessary for unleashing the full potential and federating systems and actors.

The future is iBeacon.
Here's where to expect it

Businesses and retailers will be impacted by the fact that they will now have a direct line to their customers, drawing them to their location, as well as enticing them to buy additional items while still in the store. iBeacon will allow businesses to attach digital content to everything in the physical store.

The success of the software quality assurance function within your organization is dependent not only on what automation technology you choose to implement, but also on how that technology is implemented.

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