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SQA Labs ALM Solutions

Today is the trend of modernization and effective companies are riding the latest waves in application modernization. These waves touch nearly all of IT from technology and staffing to application architectures and release strategies.SQA Labs Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solutions helps IT organizations' to make the most of these trends and avoid being swamped in the process.

ALM from SQA Labs is an integrated suite of leading solutions that enables your IT leaders to answer comprehensively the key questions business stakeholders have regarding application modernization:

  • Be sure you are investing in the right application projects.
  • Capture business requirements properly.
  • Ensure your applications function as intended.
  • Develop secure applications that perform and scale under load.
  • Establish a process to govern change.
Why SQA Labs ALM

SQA Labs' ALM helps IT Companies to improve their software development processes to bring applications to market faster, reduce re-working of code, improve efficiency, and increase product quality. Specifically, organizations are getting two areas for improvement: team collaboration and development process or methodology.

Software Requirement Definition & Management

The Requirement Definition and Management solution from SQA Labs reduces rework by 40%, hence helps in effective delivery of the Software Products and above all having advantage of the following:

  • Save time and money:

    Exact upfront software requirements definition helps ensure your team works on the business problems that matter most.

  • Reduce rework & Improve requirement accuracy:

    Spending less time in Industry unique collaborative story boarding improves accuracy by promoting effective communication.

Lifecycle Quality Management

Make Quality a Core Value of Software Application Delivery with Lifecycle Quality Management

SQA Labs Lifecycle Quality Management solution changes all legacy software development methodology by incorporating quality into the software application lifecycle from the very beginning. It helps IT organizations to align business priorities and quality expectations with project requirements, development activities and software testing. The SQA Labs' Life Cycle Quality Management helps IT organizations to :

  • Identify defects early in development when remediation costs are lowest.
  • Eliminate broken builds that can block progress for both development and QA.
  • Make informed, metrics-based decisions that you can trace and validate.
  • Control all manual and automated testing as a managed process.
  • Harness your heterogeneous and distributed testing environments with a single quality platform.
  • Deliver applications faster and with higher quality and performance.

Change Management

SQA Labs offers an Integrated & Centralized Software Change Management Solution

Change happens. The problem is managing that change successfully in an ever-increasingly complex environment, especially when there's geographically distributed teams handling high volumes of digital assets and activity requests coming from multiple stakeholders.

Change can happen at any time during project execution and most of the times managing change when there are teams who are geographically located. SQA Lab's Software Change Management Solution allows development organizations to control, communicate and respond more effectively to rapidly changing business demands. Furthermore, these integrated configuration and change management capabilities can be easily expanded across all phases of the application development lifecycle, including IT project and portfolio management, Requirements Definition & Management (RDM), analysis and design, and lifecycle quality management. The result is better visibility, increased responsiveness, greater predictability and improved software applications and systems.

Software Delivery Management

SQA Labs Software Delivery Management helps IT organizations to deliver the software Products in time irrespective of your software development tools or processes you follow interactive, waterfall or Agile. SQA Labs Software Management solutions allows you to manage and improve the business process of delivering software. SQA Labs Delivery Management solution works with existing ALM tools and processes to provide unprecedented visibility and control over the entire application lifecycle from demand to delivery enabling IT organizations to :

  • Maintain transparency between software delivery teams and business stakeholders.
  • Deliver key software initiatives predictably and with high quality.
  • Reduce risk factors involved by proper analytics .
  • Control all manual and automated testing as a managed process.
  • Support iterative, waterfall and Agile delivery approaches.
  • Manage, measure and predict performance more effectively.

Service and Support Management

SQA Labs Service and Support Management solutions provide enterprises with total visibility and actionable intelligence for all service desk, asset management and CRM business processes. The fully integrated service desk solutions support ITIL best practice methodologies and deliver improved financial performance, increased management functionality and organizational alignment.

As enterprises rely more heavily on the IT organization, reactive and stand-alone help desks are no longer sufficient to handle the growing demand and complexity of today's distributed businesses. As the IT organization finalizes its move from a cost center to an integral part of the infrastructure, service and support management functions must rely on a single version of truth to ensure that processes are optimized and that the entire business flourishes. SQA Labs Service and Support Management Suite unifies the service desk, asset management and customer relationship management functions with a single configuration management database (CMDB) user interface and integrated workflow.

Global Best Practices
SQA Labs solutions span the globe and connect market leading clients in telecom, financial services, insurance, retail, tourism and more to thousands of customers each week.

The success of the software quality assurance function within your organization is dependent not only on what automation technology you choose to implement, but also on how that technology is implemented.

Reach SQA Labs Application Lifecycle Management Services Center solutions team to provide you with all the reliability you need to launch your product with confidence.
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