White Box Testing

"White box testing is testing that occurs from the viewpoint of a developer. White
Box test is also known as glass box, structural, clear box and open box testing"

-SQA Labs
SQA Labs White Box Testing

To ensure your software is tested thoroughly we will write a test plan and build a set of test scripts that ensure maximum code coverage. This ensures that we can see what percentage of code has been tested and allows us to identify untested parts of your code

How It Works

White box testing involves looking at the structure of the code. When you know the internal structure of a product, tests can be conducted to ensure that the internal operations performed according to the specification. And all internal components have been adequately exercised.

Our Expertise
The major steps in White Box testing by SQA Labs are :
  • Equivalence/class boundary analysis.
  • We look for metric for accessing how good is our test case : - Method coverage - Statement coverage - Decision coverage - Branch coverage - Condition coverage.
  • We think diabolically while generating the required test cases.
  • Exhaustive testing: run every possible code coverage and functional execution.
  • Unit testing: construct tests directly from the code reviews and High/Low level design document.
Whitebox Testing Tools :
  • Seleniumhq
  • hp Quick Test
  • Soap UI
  • Web Performance
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