Black Box Testing

"Black box testing is the Software testing method which is used to test the
software without knowing the internal structure of code or program"

-SQA Labs
SQA Labs Black Box Testing

Black box testing implies that the selection of test data as well as the interpretation of test results is performed on the basis of the functional properties of a piece of software. Black box testing should not be performed by the author of the program who knows too much about the program internals.

How It Works

Though centered around the knowledge of user requirements, black box tests do not necessarily involve the participation of users. Among the most important black box tests that do not involve users are functionailty tests, volume tests, stress tests, recovery tests and benchmarks.

Our Expertise
The major steps in Black Box testing by SQA Labs are :
  • We make the tests that are randomly generated with a distribution that corresponds to the expected usage of the program.
  • Equivalence partitioning: divide possible test sets into equivalence classes, and run one test from each class.
  • Boundary value analysis: look for test cases on the boundaries of the equivalence classes.
  • Exhaustive testing: run every possible input infeasible).
  • Functional testing: construct tests directly from the requirements document.
Blackbox Testing Tools :
  • Seleniumhq
  • hp Quick Test
  • Soap UI
  • Web Performance
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