Regression Testing

"Ours experts can perform the regression test and keep track of issues.
Regression testing is absolutely critical to delivering an application that remains
reliable as new versions are delivered"

-SQA Labs
SQA Labs Regression Testing Center

SQA Labs regression test team generates test cases that evaluate the stability of all modules of the software product. As needed in order to save time, money and efforts our team will automate some of the regression test cases using industry standards QA tools.

How It Works

A regression test allows a consistent, repeatable validation of each new release of a product or Web site. Such testing ensures reported product defects have been corrected for each new release and that no new quality problems were introduced in the maintenance process. Tests are performed multiple times, including once after each major source code change.

Our Expertise

Our team has expertise in working with multiple defect tracking systems which is key in the regression testing. Our regression testing team performs tests ensuring that the fixes made to the application do not cause new errors to occur. For more involved projects lasting several months, several full regression passes may be scheduled in addition to the continuous regression testing.

Functional Testing Tools :
  • Seleniumhq
  • hp Quick Test
  • Soap UI
  • Web Performance
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The success of the software quality assurance function within your organization is dependent not only on what automation technology you choose to implement, but also on how that technology is implemented.

Reach SQA Labs Regression Testing Center solutions team to provide you with all the
reliability you need to launch your product with confidence.
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